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Dry Link

Dry Link is a manufacturer of dry-disconnect couplings that are used in a variety of industries to prevent spills and leaks during bulk fluid transfer.

Dry Link

Dry Link, Inc. is the industry leader in producing dry-disconnect (also known as dry-break) hose couplings for fluid transfer applications. Additionally, we manufacture split-butterfly valves with good containment that are hygienic for use with powders. In the chemical, petroleum, agricultural, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food industries, as well as in other sectors, our products are widely employed.

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Dry Connects

Designed to meet the sanitary requirements of the pharmaceutical, biotech, food, beverage and cosmetics industries, the stainless steel dry disconnect couplings we offer reduce the opportunity for process contamination. Our dry connects, including a dry disconnect coupling that features a drip-proof butterfly design, are engineered to minimize the opportunity for trapped product within the system. A variety of sizes, body and seal materials and end connections are available. Self-draining construction enables efficient CIP and SIP cleaning procedures.

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