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NovAseptic mixers are specialized mixing systems designed for use in the biopharmaceutical industry. These mixers are specifically tailored for aseptic processes, where maintaining sterility is crucial. They are utilized in applications such as cell culture, fermentation, and bioreactor operations.

Innovating Aseptic Mixing Solutions for Biopharmaceutical Industry

NovAseptic mixers are known for their innovative design, which incorporates a hermetically sealed, disposable mixing element. This design ensures the integrity of the process by preventing contamination risks and minimizing the need for cleaning and sterilization procedures. The mixers are often used in conjunction with single-use bioreactors and other disposable systems, allowing for more efficient and flexible manufacturing processes in the biopharmaceutical field.

MilliporeSigma offers a range of NovAseptic mixer configurations, including top-entry, bottom-entry, and magnetic mixers. These systems are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the biopharmaceutical industry, providing efficient mixing while maintaining sterility and minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

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Products Include:

NovAseptic GMP mixer

NovAseptic USM mixer

NovAseptic HS mixer

NovAseptic HSI mixer

5 Tips for Optimizing Sanitary Mixing Processes for Efficient and Consistent Results

Are you looking for ways to optimize your sanitary mixing processes? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll share five tips to help you achieve efficient and consistent results in your sanitary mixing processes. From selecting the right mixer to optimizing your mixing parameters, these tips will help you improve your product quality and streamline your production process.

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