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TPE September 29, 2021 0 Comments

Improve Product Texture While Reducing Processing Time with Fristam’s Powder Mixer

Fristam’s Powder Mixer Streamlines Pharmaceutical Processing

Poor powder mixing in pharmaceutical manufacturing equates to slowed production and lost revenue. With its rapid, high-performance blending of wet and dry ingredients into one fluid stream, the Fristam Powder Mixer outperforms traditional batch mixers and funnel pump combinations. The Powder Mixer’s high shear capabilities dramatically reduce process downtime and inefficiency, while yielding consistent product.

The Powder Mixer from Fristam Pumps delivers high-performance and quick blending of wet and dry ingredients.

Specifically manufactured to suit a variety of applications, the Powder Mixer features a FZX Pump with 5 to 60 HP and a FS Shear Blender that can deliver 15 to 75 HP. The FS Shear Blender’s intermeshed system of rotating and stationary teeth disperses clumps and dissolves powder clumps by creating significant turbulence at high speed and close clearances. The mixer’s FZX Pump’s constant suction creates even flow for a uniform product – even as viscosity increases.

“We were able to achieve results that we weren’t able to achieve with the old system, and in only 30 minutes mixing time,” said a Coats Alone International associate.

Fristam’s Powder Mixer is ideal for numerous applications including dairy, food, beverage, personal care, biopharmaceutical, non-sanitary product, thickeners, and ingredients. The ergonomically designed mixer is floor-level, so unlike some other powder mixers, there are no ladders to climb. In addition, the top of the funnel is waist height, which prevents users from having to bend when pouring ingredients into the funnel. Fristam’s small powder mixers are portable.

The mixer includes a 304 stainless steel table, a 24-inch concentric funnel, a bench-tested removable control panel and the customer’s choice of ball, 3-way arc, diaphragm and single-seat regulating butterfly valves.

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