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TPE September 15, 2020 0 Comments

Product Spotlight: Em-tec Provides Non-invasive Flow Measurement

Quattroflow Fluid Systems distributors, including PharmOvate-Triangle Process Equipment, will soon be offering an additional flow measurement technology designed specifically for the gentle handling needs of biopharmaceutical processing.

The new offering is made possible through Dover Corporation’s acquisition of Germany-based Em-tec. Em-tec will be part of the PSG® business unit within Dover’s Pumps & Process Solutions segment.

Em-tec has a 30-year history of producing innovative flow measurement equipment for flexible tubing. The company’s BioProTT™ product line, which utilizes an ultrasonic method to obtain flow measurement non-invasively, is uniquely suited for shear-sensitive materials in upstream and downstream applications.

At the heart of the BioProTT™ series are flow meters that clamp around flexible hose. Sound transducers inside the housing that clamps around the hose send and receive ultrasonic signals with and against the direction of flow. This non-invasive design feature eliminates the need to stop production and splice the assembly, preventing contamination and pressure drops. There are no moving parts in BioProTT™ Clamp-On Transducers that could harm shear-sensitive fluids.

The BioProTT FlowTrack plus flow meter with a graphic display is designed for independent, real-time monitoring of volumetric flow in a process. Em-tec’s BioProTT™ FlowMPC is a multichannel platform engineered for simultaneous flow measurement and reduction of flow meters. It is possible to monitor and measure up to eight flow channels, depending on the variant.

To learn more about Em-tec’s innovative flow measurement products, contact your PharmOvate-Triangle Process Equipment representative today.

Visit the PSG website to learn more about Dover’s acquisition of Em-tec.