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TPE October 7, 2021 0 Comments

Simplify Fluid Transfer with Ace Sanitary’s Expertise, Speed, and Reliability

Maintain the Highest Levels of Process Integrity and Product Quality

As a leading manufacturer of premium hose solutions for the sanitary and ultra-pure manufacturing markets, Ace Sanitary’s products allow end users to maintain the highest levels of process integrity and product quality, protecting both their businesses and the consumers who rely on their products.

Ace Sanitary’s Flex-Rite™ sanitary hose products are specifically designed and produced to meet the requirements of a variety of applications, and we offer the broadest range of those products available from a single supplier. Ace Sanitary is able to effectively serve a multitude of industries with our product lines that include Food Grade Hose, Dairy Hose, Pharmaceutical Hose, Brewery Hose, and much more.

Silent Type Venturi Mixer

Uptime is essential for production facilities to meet deadlines and quotas. The STVM Washdown Station is designed with this in mind and guarantees to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

Utilizing a proprietary mixing valve, Ace Sanitary’s STVM provides a high temperature washdown by combining steam and water for a constant stream. This mixing valve is self-scouring and does not allow for mineral build up in tight spaces which means less time spend on maintenance. Additionally, because this STVM Washdown Station has a simple cartridge design, service can be done in-line.

Understanding that equipment safety is top priority, Ace Sanitary’s design ensures a reduced flow when output temperature exceed factory set point of (150 F/180 F) and a complete shut off 15 F above that. The valve with automatically restore flow when the temperature falls back to standard.

GRQ Clamp

Establishing and maintaining a seal is important to keeping your facility’s process working properly. When establishing a seal, the key is to ensure the pressure at the seal point is be greater than the pressure of the process flow. To effectively achieve this, you must have correct geometry to create a discreet sealing point.

Ace Sanitary’s SealRite GRQ Clamp is an engineered hygienic clamp which is optimized for both gasket and clamp geometry. This patented design features uniform gasket loading, extended joint life and is ideal for challenging alignments – providing flexibility other clamps do not.

Electrically Traced Hose Assemblies

Maintaining uniform heating during the movement of products is essential to keep the flow.

Ace Sanitary’s Electrically Heat Traced Hose Assemblies (EHH) are custom manufactured for numerous applications including chemical transfer, hot oil transfer, gel cap production, photographic development, candy manufacturing, pharmaceutical slurries, cosmetic, and hot fill. Designed with a nickel multi-strand heating element, EHH provides a 95% surface area for heat transfer. Additionally, for flexible operations, EHH can be controlled by thermostat or be self-regulated.

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